This list represents a selection of recently published books on sustainability available at the U.S. Department of the Interior Library. It is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


QH104.5 .K55 A34 2007
Steward's Fork: a sustainable future for the Klamath Mountains
Agee, James K.

H75 .A347 2006
Biodiversity planning and design: sustainable practices
Ahern, Jack (John F.)

GE105 .A39 2005
Reconstructing Earth: technology and environment in the age of humans
Allenby, Braden R.

SD144 .A13 F67 2004
Forest futures: science, politics, and policy for the next century
Arabas, Karen, 1962-

TD195 .E49 E543 2002
Energy and water for sustainable living: a compendium of energy and water success stories
Argonne National Laboratory

QH541.15 .R45 R47 2007
Restoring natural capital: science, business, and practice
Aronson, James, 1953-

GE300 .E56 1997
Environment, ethics, and behavior: the psychology of environmental valuation and degradation
Bazerman, Max H.

HT392 .B47 2009
Planning for coastal resilience: best practices for calamitous times
Beatley, Timothy, 1957-

QC903.2 .U6 B456 2010
Clean energy common sense: an American call to action on global climate change
Beinecke, Frances

K3585 .B46 2008
Current critical issues in environmental law: green buildings and sustainable development
Bennett, Mark J.

K3981 .E557 2003
Energy law and sustainable development
Bradbrook, Adrian J.

AM7 .B765 2008
The green museum: a primer on environmental practice
Brophy, Sarah S., 1961-

HC79 .E5 B7595 2008
Plan B 3.0: mobilizing to save civilization
Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-

HC79 .E5 B7595 2009
Plan B 4.0: mobilizing to save civilization
Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-

HC79 .E5 B7598 2011
World on the edge: how to prevent environmental and economic collapse
Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-

TD887 .F69 B78 2008
Coming clean: breaking America's addiction to oil and coal
Brune, Michael, 1971-

GF80 .C35 1989
In defense of the land ethic: essays in environmental philosophy
Callicott, J. Baird.

SB419.5 .C36 2008
Green roofs in sustainable landscape design
Cantor, Steven L.

TD195 .C54 E54 2001 V.1
Environment, construction and sustainable development
Carpenter, T. G.

GE170 .F5 2003
Firms, governments, and climate policy: incentive-based policies for long-term climate change
Carraro, Carlo

HC79 .E5 C383 2009
Green economics: an introduction to theory, policy and practice
Cato, Molly Scott

TJ808 .C47 2004
Renewable energy in nontechnical language
Chambers, Ann

G156.5 .H47 C48 2010
Sustainable marketing of cultural and heritage tourism
Chhabra, Deepack, 1963-

HC79 .P55 E584 2000
Environmental markets: equity and efficiency
Chichilnisky, Graciela

SD247 .P46 2001
People managing forests: the links between human well-being and sustainability
Colfer, Carol J. Pierce

GF75 .N37 1997
Nature's services: societal dependence on natural ecosystems
Daily, Gretchen C.

HD75.6 .V36 1993
Valuing the earth: economics, ecology, ethics
Daly, Herman E.

E99 .M44 D38 2000
Sustaining the forest, the people, and the spirit
Davis, Thomas, 1946-

QH77 .N56 P76 2003
Protected areas and the regional planning imperative in North America: integrating nature conservation and sustainable development
Day, John C. (John Chadwick), 1936-

SH329 .S87 D4 2003
Achieving sustainable fisheries: implementing the new international legal regime
De Fontaubert, Charlotte

HD1286 .C64 2003
The commons in the new millennium: challenges and adaptation
Dolšak, Nives

HC79 .E5 D67 2001
Technology, humans, and society: toward a sustainable world
Dorf, Richard C.

HD75.6 .D735 2008
The principles of sustainability
Dresner, Simon, 1969-

HD75.6 .D84 2008
The plot to save the planet: how visionary entrepreneurs and corporate titans are creating real solutions to global warming
Dumaine, Brian

TP339 .R42 2009
Red, white, and green: transforming U.S. biofuels
Earley, Jane

TS155.7 .E48 2001
ISO 14001 environmental certification step by step
Edwards, A. J. (Antony John), 1940-

HC79 .E5 E39 2010
Thriving beyond sustainability: pathways to a resilient society
Edwards, Andrés R., 1959-

HC79 .E5 E346 2008
Sustainability by design: a subversive strategy for transforming our consumer culture
Ehrenfeld, John

HT169 .N68 E75 2006
MetroGreen: connecting open space in North American cities
Erickson, Donna L.

HD30.255 .E88 2009
Green to gold: how smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage
Esty, Daniel C.

HD1694 .A5 F458 2007
Water policy for sustainable development
Feldman, David Lewis, 1951-

HC85 .F54 2001
Natural resource economics: an introduction
Field, Barry C.

HD9502 .A2 F528 2008
Low-carbon energy: a roadmap
Flavin, Christopher

NA6230 .G74 2005
Green office buildings: a practical guide to development
Frej, Anne B.

GE42 .F74 1998
Bounded people, boundless lands: envisioning a new land ethic
Freyfogle, Eric T.

GE197 .F76 2008
Hot, flat, and crowded: why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America
Friedman, Thomas L.

HC79 .E5 F723 2000
Vanishing borders: protecting the planet in the age of globalization
French, Hilary F.

T21.5 .A67 F75 2007
Healing Appalachia: sustainable living through appropriate technology
Fritsch, Albert J.

HC79 .E5 G26 2006
Inspiring progress: religions' contributions to sustainable development
Gardner, Gary T., 1958-

GE170 .M66 2002
The moral austerity of environmental decision making: sustainability, democracy, and normative argument in policy and law
Gillroy, John Martin, 1954-

TD345 .G633 2009
The world's water, 2008-2009: the biennial report on freshwater resources
Gleick, Peter H.

HB883.5 .G6 2001
Conservation on a crowded planet: a population sourcebook for conservation practitioners
Golder, Bronwen

HD75.6 .H33 2006
Environmental and natural resources economics: theory, policy, and the sustainable society
Hackett, Steven C., 1960-

HC79 .E5 S8688 2001
A survey of sustainable development: social and economic dimensions
Harris, Jonathan M.

HF5413 .H42 2000
Nature and the marketplace: capturing the value of ecosystem services
Heal, G. M.

QH75 .P378 2002
Performance measures for ecosystem management and ecological sustainability
Healy, William M.

HD30.255 .H584 2008
The step-by-step guide to sustainability planning: how to create and implement sustainability plans in any business or organization
Hitchcock, Darcy E.

HC110 .E5 H625 2008
Green: your place in the new energy revolution
Hoffman, Jane S., 1964-

T167 .H67 2000
Ecologically based municipal land use planning
Honachefsky, William B.

G156.5 .E26 H66 2008
Ecotourism and sustainable development: who owns paradise?
Honey, Martha

TS155.7 .I574 2004
Environmental management systems: requirements with guidance for use = Systèmes de management environnemental: exigences et lignes directrices pour son utilisation
International Organization for Standardization

HD9502 .U52 J66 2008
The green-collar economy: how one solution can fix our two biggest problems
Jones, Van, 1968-

TJ808 .K36 2011
The renewable revolution: how we can fight climate change, prevent energy wars, revitalize the economy, and transition to a sustainable future
Kamal, Sajed, 1945-

HC110 .E5 R35 2011
Restoring lands: coordinating science, politics and action : complexities of climate and governance
Karl, Herman A.

JA75.8 .E97 2003
Explorations in environmental political theory: thinking about what we value
Kassiola, Joel Jay, 1945-

GE140 .S35 2006
Science magazine's state of the planet, 2006-2007
Kennedy, Donald, 1931-

HD1695 .W32 I62 2005
In search of sustainable water management: international lessons for the American West and beyond
Kenney, Douglas S., 1964-

TJ808.7 .U6 A883 2003
Assessing the potential for renewable energy on public lands
Kirby, Michael J.

S936 .C66 2008
Conservation for a new generation: redefining natural resources management
Knight, Richard L.

TK7886 .C65 2003
Computers and the environment: understanding and managing their impacts
Kuehr, Ruediger

GN406 .L46 2010
The story of stuff: how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health--and a vision for change
Leonard, Annie

QH77 .N56 F76 2005
From Walden to Wall Street: frontiers of conservation finance
Levitt, James N.

GE40 .M67 2003
Moral and political reasoning in environmental practice
Light, Andrew, 1966-

SD387 .S87 T68 2003
Towards forest sustainability
Lindenmayer, David

HN49 .C6 B84 2000
Building livable communities: sustaining prosperity, improving quality of life, building a sense of community
Livable Communities Initiative (U.S.)

GE60 .L54 2008
Greenjobs: a guide to eco-friendly employment
Llewellyn, A. Bronwyn (Anita Bronwyn)

TH4816 .L82 2010
Green restorations: sustainable building and historic homes
Lubeck, Aaron

TX335 .M24 2008
Big green purse: use your spending power to create a cleaner, greener world
MacEachern, Diane

HF5413 .M35 2009
Strategies for the green economy: opportunities and challenges in the new world of business
Makower, Joel, 1952-

G156.5 .E26 M37 2001
Traveling light: new paths for international tourism
Mastny, Lisa

SD561 .M37 2004
Policy that works for forests and people: real prospects for governance and livelihoods
Mayers, James

GE195.7 .M36 1999
Fostering sustainable behavior: an introduction to community-based social marketing
McKenzie-Mohr, Doug, 1959-

QH75 .G475 2004
Getting biodiversity projects to work: towards more effective conservation and development
McShane, Thomas O.

HD75.6 .M435 2004
The limits to growth: the 30-year update
Meadows, Donella H.

HC79 .E5 G96 2001
Guide to sustainable development and environmental policy
Mirovi't'ska'i'a, N. S. (Natali'i'a Sergeevna)

HC79 .E5 M64 2001
Globalization and environmental reform: the ecological modernization of the global economy
Mol, A. P. J.

HC79 .E5 S852 2002
Sustainable development: promoting progress or perpetuating poverty
Morris, Julian

HD75.6 .M48 2004
The new consumers: the influence of affluence on the environment
Myers, Norman

QC903.2 .A68 C54 2009
Climate change and Arctic sustainable development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges
Nakashima, Douglas

TH880 .F34 2008
Federal research and development agenda for net-zero energy, high-performance green buildings
National Science and Technology Council (U.S.). Committee on Technology

HT241 .N943 2008
Cities as sustainable ecosystems: principles and practices
Newman, Peter, Dr.

K3534 .A48 2006
Compendium of land use laws for sustainable development
Nolon, John R.

HB884 .O4 2008
Healthy people, healthy ecosystems: a manual on integrating health and family planning into conservation projects
Oglethorpe, J. (Judy)

GE300 .M36 1999
Managing for the environment: understanding the legal, organizational, and policy challenges
O'Leary, Rosemary, 1955-

HC79 .E5 E597 2005
Environmentalism & the technologies of tomorrow: shaping the next industrial revolution
Olson, Robert L. (Robert Linus), 1942-

HT371 .O44 2001
City limits: putting the brakes on sprawl
O'Meara, Molly

QH75 .P798 2002
Biodiversity, sustainability, and human communities: protecting beyond the protected
O'Riordan, Timothy

HC79 .E5 E597 2005
Environmentalism & the technologies of tomorrow: shaping the next industrial revolution
Olson, Robert L. (Robert Linus), 1942-

HD30.255 .O77 2009
Sustainability strategies: when does it pay to be green?
Orsato, Renato J.

HD1286 .D7 2002
The drama of the commons
Ostrom, Elinor

HF5549.5 .M5 O88 2005
Understanding institutional diversity
Ostrom, Elinor

GF504 .N7 O95 2009
Green metropolis: why living smaller, living closer, and driving less are keys to sustainability
Owen, David, 1955-

TD145 .P46 2008
The clean tech revolution: discover the top trends, technologies, and companies to watch
Pernick, Ron

TJ808 .B56 2008
Biofuels, solar and wind as renewable energy systems: benefits and risks
Pimentel, David, 1925-

HD30.255 .P73 2006
The voluntary environmentalists: green clubs, ISO 14001, and voluntary regulations
Prakash, Aseem

HC79 .E5 P747 2000
The local politics of global sustainability
Prugh, Thomas

TJ808 .R36 2008
Energy for sustainability: technology, planning, policy
Randolph, John

GE60 .G795 2008
Green jobs: working for people and the environment
Renner, Michael, 1957-

K3585 .E58 2000
Environmental law, the economy, and sustainable development: the United States, the European Union, and the international community
Revesz, Richard L., 1958-

HC79 .E5 R84 2007
The law and policy of ecosystem services
Ruhl, J. B.

TJ808 .S28 2004
Mainstreaming renewable energy in the 21st century
Sawin, Janet L.

TJ163.2 .S33 2007
Energy autonomy: the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy
Scheer, Hermann, 1944-

S589.7 .S337 2009
Mitigating climate change through food and land use
Scherr, Sara J.

HD205 .S55 2000
Land-use planning for sustainable development
Silberstein, Jane

HC85 .S33 2005
Scarcity and growth revisited: natural resources and the environment in the new millennium
Simpson, Ralph David

QC981.8 .G56 S62 2008
Seven wonders for a cool planet: everyday things to help solve global warming
Sorensen, Eric, 1957-

HD30.255 .S77 2009
The green workplace: sustainable strategies that benefit employees, the environment, and the bottom line
Stringer, Leigh

QH541.15 .L35 C28 2009
The case for sustainable landscapes
Sustainable Sites Initiative

QH541.15 .L35 G8 2009
Guidelines and performance benchmarks 2009
Sustainable Sites Initiative

HC79 .P55 T36 2011
Cracking the carbon code: the key to sustainable profits in the new economy
Tamminen, Terry

GE195 .T39 2008
Go green: how to build an earth-friendly community
Taylor, Nancy H.

TH380 .T46 2008
Sustainable landscape construction: a guide to green building outdoors
Thompson, J. William

TD169 .T63 2005
A safe and sustainable world: the promise of ecological design
Todd, Nancy Jack, 1938-

HD30.255 .P72 2002
Practical guide to environmental management for small business
United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Small Business Division

HC79 .E5 S836 2002
Sustainable development and its influence on mining operations on federal lands: a conversation in plain language
United States. Bureau of Land Management

GF80 .V36 1994
The environmental ethics and policy book : philosophy, ecology, economics
VanDeVeer, Donald, 1939-

GE180 .E586 2013
Environmental policy: new directions for the twenty-first century
Vig, Norman J.

HT175 .E34 2006
Edens lost & found: how ordinary citizens are restoring our great cities
Wiland, Harry

TJ163.3 .W85 1999
Energy efficiency manual: for everyone who uses energy, pays for utilities, controls energy usage, designs and builds, is interested in energy and environmental preservation
Wulfinghoff, Donald

HT170 .Y68 2012
Stewardship of the built environment: sustainability, preservation, and reuse
Young, Robert A. (Robert Alton), 1931-