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African Elephants

Sub-Saharan Africa Region: DOI-ITAP's work in Sub-Saharan Africa has included protected area management, tourism development, natural resource conservation program development, rural community engagement in natural resources conservation, land cover mapping, and groundwater resource monitoring. A major focal area is wildlife trafficking, which threatens the security, economy, and biodiversity of East Africa. To protect the region’s wildlife in line with the US National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Missions in East Africa have created the Partnership to End Wildlife Trafficking in East Africa with DOI-ITAP.

In this region, DOI-ITAP technical assistance, at both regional and national levels, helps to strengthen:

  • Counter wildlife trafficking,
  • Protected area management,
  • CITES,
  • Public/private partnerships,
  • Community engagement,
  • Information sharing,
  • Public awareness,
  • Law enforcement,
  • Forensics capabilities,
  • Cross-border natural resource conservation,
  • Sustainable technology implementation in remote areas.

DOI-ITAP East Africa is currently working in:

Gabon Tanzania
Kenya Uganda
Madagascar Zamia

DOI-ITAP has former experience working in these countries, as well:

Botswana Mozambique
Burundi Rwanda
Cape Verde South Africa
DRC South Sudan
Ethiopia Sudan
Ghana Zimbabwe


East Africa: Regional counter wildlife trafficking initiative working with countries throughout East Africa, with activities focused on building capacity in non-governmental organizations and government agencies to address wildlife crimes, convene partners to facilitate cooperation, support the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) implementation, and natural resources management.

  • Primary Partner: USAID/Kenya and East Africa
  • Contact: Ethan Taylor

Kenya: Multi-faceted engagements with government agencies and non-governmental institutions focused on biodiversity conservation, climate change planning, community outreach, anti-poaching support, and learning exchanges.

  • Primary Partner: USAID/Kenya and East Africa
  • Contact: Ethan Taylor

Tanzania: Combatting wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade by building capacity of investigators and law enforcement officers, with emphasis on wildlife crime scene investigation, border inspections, and CITES implementation and enforcement.

  • Primary Partner: USAID/Tanzania
  • Contact: Stephanie Romañach

Uganda: Partnering with NGOs and wildlife management authorities to combat wildlife crime with review of CITES implementation legislation, law enforcement training, and information sharing, including the NGO-led creation and distribution of sentencing guidelines for judges and magistrates.

  • Primary Partner: USAID/Uganda
  • Contact: Olivia Anton

Zambia: Conducting an inventory of Zambia’s stockpile of confiscated ivory in partnership with DOI/US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and a local NGO. Subsequent work will focus on law enforcement cooperation and promoting conservation, tourism, and game management in protected areas.

  • Primary Partner: USAID/Zambia
  • Contact: Tricia Bickley

Factsheets & News

Making News: DOI-ITAP's Wildlife Officials Exchange in partnership with U.S. State Department International Narcotics and Law Enforcement and U.S. FWS Office of Law Enforcement Branch of Training and Inspections conducts a 2-week wildlife officials exchange program where 5 wildlife officers from Africa are paired with 5 officers from U.S. State Fish and Game Departments.
Making News: Combatting wildlife trafficking and human and wildlife conflicts in East Africa through increasing media coverage. Find the Internews article here that features the new 2-year DOI-ITAP and USAID supported project 'Increasing East African Media  Coverage of Conservation and Wildlife Issues'.

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