Europe and Eurasia Region

Georgian protected areas staff undergoing field training during a DOI-ITAP organized event.

Europe and Eurasia Region:  DOI-ITAP has provided support on critical conservation efforts in Europe and Eurasia, including developing Georgia’s national parks system for recreation and tourism, employing displaced people in Croatia’s national parks, and providing recommendations on rangeland management in Tajikistan.

Specifically, in this region, DOI-ITAP technical assistance, at both regional and national levels, has helped to strengthen:

  • Protected areas management,
  • Developing protected area infrastructure,
  • Sustainable ecotourism,
  • Oil and gas sector,
  • Management of endangered species,
  • Rangeland management.

DOI-ITAP currently has work in the Europe and Eurasia region in:


DOI-ITAP has completed activities in:

Albania Russia
Croatia Ukraine


Georgia: Georgia National Parks and Ecotourism Program builds upon the initial assistance that took place from 1999 to 2015 and focuses on supporting Georgia’s journey to self-reliance by improving governance and management policies and transitioning the operation of protected areas away from dependence on foreign assistance to sustainability through ensured and sufficient government support and own revenues generated over  eco-tourism development, broadening of the base of economic activity, and increased social and economic security.

  • Primary Partner: USAID
  • Contact: Ethan Taylor

Albania & Ukraine: The work in both of these countries falls under the EGCI project, as described under the Cross-Regional Programs.

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