Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Porgram

DOI-ITAP coordinates DOI participation in the Unconventional Gas Technical Engagement Program (UGTEP), a Department of State-led effort launched in order to help countries seeking to utilize their unconventional natural gas resources to identify and develop them safely and economically. Shale gas is one of the most rapidly expanding trends in onshore U.S. oil and gas exploration and production. The ultimate goals of UGTEP are to achieve greater energy security, meet environmental objectives and further U.S. economic and commercial interests.

UGTEP uses government-to-government policy engagement to bring the U.S. federal and state governments' technical expertise, regulatory experience and diplomatic capabilities to help selected countries understand their shale gas potential. A benefit of this government-to-government cooperation is the potential for establishing and strengthening long-term working relationships at the technical and ministerial levels.

UGTEP activities are tailored to each country's specific needs and availability of funding. Examples of UGTEP activities in priority countries include: shale gas resource assessments; technical guidance to evaluate the production capability, economics and investment potential of shale gas resources; and workshops and seminars on technical, environmental, business and regulatory challenges related to shale gas development. Engagement with non-priority countries focuses on regulatory policies and fiscal structures challenges. At the request of these countries, DOS organizes conferences, meetings, training and public-private sector events in the United States. They are also invited to participate in select multilateral UGTEP events.

Regional Workshops: