DOI-ITAP is currently recruiting DOI employees and retirees for short-term overseas details in:

.Non availble at this time. 

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How to Apply

Those interested in being considered for this international assignment must:

  • Send a resume and cover letter (as one document, preferably a PDF) summarizing direct, relevant work experience, related to the skills listed under application requirements. Please submit electronically to the project managers referenced in the announcement with the assignment title in the subject line.
  • If your supervisor has already given approval, please indicate this.
  • All applications should be submitted as soon as possible but no later than application deadline. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Any and all questions about the assignment can be directed to the contact information for the project manager included in the announcement.

All applicants must secure approval from their supervisors to apply for an ITAP assignment. Supervisors will then adhere to their Bureau requirements for any further approvals required by the Bureau. For Bureau requirements, applicants should contact their appropriate Bureau International Affairs point of contact; a complete list of these is below. All NPS, BOR, and BLM applicants must copy their International Affairs points of contact when they submit their applications to ITAP.

Bureau Contact Telephone
BIA Eric Wilson, International Affairs Coordinator 202-501-5944
BLM Colin Strylowski, International Affairs Specialist 202-912-7257
BOR Kendra Russell 202-513-0560
  Douglas Oellermann 202-513-0578
FWS Tasha Harris  703-358-1904
  Latosha Jackson 703-358-2418
BSEE Julie Fleming, Acting Chief, Office of International Programs 703-787-1681
NPS Rudy D'Alessandro, International Cooperation Specialist 202-354-1805
BOEM Emily Lindow, Chief of Staff, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management 202-513-0825
OSMRE Sterling Rideout 202-208-2868
USGS Kevin Kunkel, Director of International Programs 703-648-6206
ONRR Jennifer Goldblatt, Chief of Staff, Office of Natural Resources Revenue 202-513-0604

Please note that ITAP travel does not require the use of a field office credit card and travel will not count towards ‘travel caps'.


The entire selection process may take several weeks. A short list of candidates will be interviewed by telephone. All candidates will be notified of the results of the selection process by email. The position is open to all applicants that meet the stated requirements. If applicants do not receive an email acknowledgement of receipt of their application, please inquire with the project managers listed in the announcement. The position is open to all applicants that meet the stated requirements. If applicants do not receive an email acknowledgement of receipt of their application, please inquire with the Project Manager(s) listed in the announcement.


ITAP Travel Process

Travel Arrangement Process for DOI Employees

Travel Guidelines

All DOI-ITAP travelers must review our current travel guidelines. These guidelines will explain in detail how the travel process works, what paperwork is needed, and what is expected of you in-country and when you return.

Travel Forms

Prior to your travel with DOI-ITAP, our office requires that you fill out multiple forms. It is very important that these forms be returned to ITAP as soon as possible to avoid delays in travel planning. Instructions for filling out these forms are included in the travel guidelines. If you have additional questions please contact Wendy Kennedy at 202-513-0840.

Required for all travelers:

Required for DOI employees:

Required for non-DOI employees:

Required only in special cases:

Please return Official Passport Visa Form to the DOI Office of International Affairs (OIA) Passport Services.