From Donors

"I was so impressed with DOI by their work in Tanzania, I am also using them to assist our program in Guatemala. All our partners are extremely pleased with their work....If you have the funds, it's a great option to achieve results." --- Cisco Ruybal of USAID/Guatemala

"Those signs will be the best ones within Galapagos National Park." --- Rocio Cedeno, USAID/Ecuador, August 2001, regarding Debra Lusk's efforts to design new interpretive sinage for Galapagos National Park

"I am very happy we accomplished the goal of GIS specialists doing image processing, and I think the most important accomplishment is that GIS specialists and foresters understand the necessity of working together. Because of this I know we will continue to have success." --- Comment by Lead Forester for the Sacha/Ecociencia community-based forestry project regarding one of the positive impacts of Diane Osborne's assignment

"I am extremely pleased with the contents of the interpretation...major credit goes to [the] nice staff of DOI-ITAP...confidence, inspiration, integrity, comprehensiveness - just [a] few of the words describing their input." --- Mamuka Gvilava, Director of the World Banks's ICZM Centre in the Republic of Georgia, of the technical assistance provided by DOI-ITAP

From DOI Participants

DOI-ITAP training course, Tanzania"Travelling to Tanzania and meeting the people there, I learned a deeper meaning of dignity, grace and respect. The honor of representing the Department of the Interior's International Technical Assistance Program and my personal family was truly an overwhelming, life-changing experience. I can only hope that the work Ralph Bell and I accomplished, in its own small way, better connects our two great countries as we look towards the future." --- Dennis T. Smith, Recreation Maintenance Supervisor/Eugene BLM/Oregon of his work in Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, Tanzania

"It is incredibly rewarding and challenging. Not only have I benefited enormously from this experience, but so has my Park. I returned from Nepal energized and motivated and filled with new ideas to strengthen our education program." --- Steve Zachary, Education Specialist at Lassen Volcanic National Park of his work in Shey Phoksundo National Park, Nepal

Equipment procured through DOI-ITAP assistance, Ecuador"This has been the most incredible and fulfilling experience of my life!" --- Arnie Kovin, Engineer Equipment Operator at Pt. Reyes National Seashore, of his experience training Tanzanian park staff on roads equipment operations and maintenance

"This assignment kept me on my toes. There was always an unexpected obstacle on the road to progress...but it was also a highlight of my career." --- Clay Alderson, former Park Superintendent of Klondike National Park, of his experience in Lake Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia

"The work experience and personal growth gained from sharing knowledge and skills between countries, cultures, and the National Park Service was incredible for me." --- Debra Lusk, Signpainter, NPS, Pt. Reyes National Seashore, CA. Assignment in Galapagos National Park, July/August 2001 to train Park personnel in the design, construction, and installation of interpretive and destination signs

"It was so gratifying to be able to use my expertise to teach and help others with such extraordinarily important resource management work." --- Diane Osborne, BLM, Geographic Information Specialist, National Applied Resource Center, Denver. Assignment in Quito, Ecuador, May 2001, assisting the non-governmental organizations of Jatun Sacha and Ecociencia in refining remote sensing technology relative to a community-based forestry project

"I have been to the Galapagos Islands twice on assignment. The islands and their wildlife are spectacular. I have also found the Park staff eager to learn and appreciative of our efforts." --- Manny Medina, Special Agent, FWS, Kansas. Assignments in Galapagos National Park, July 2000 and September/October 2001, to provide basic law enforcement training to Park guards

"Thank you....for this wonderful opportunity. I felt the trip was successful and I fully enjoyed working with [the DOI/ITAP team. They were] very professional and passionate about the important work that your office plays within the international community. I learned an incredible amount from [the DOI/ITAP team] and the USAID staff but also from the Filipino people as well. They are committed to the protection of their resources in the face of poverty and violence and truly are inspirational." --- John Kmetz, Supervisory Special Agent, Chief - Operations and Policy Analysis Branch