webTA Time and Attendance System

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IBC offers Kronos® webTA, the premier commercially available time, attendance, and labor management system designed exclusively for the federal government.

webTA System Features

The webTA time and attendance capabilities include:

  • Automatic population of timesheets from pay period to pay period when applying default employee schedules, including federal holidays
  • Validation of timesheets based on federal rules for pay plans, employee leave, and flexible schedules, including automatic alerts to discrepancies
  • Online employee leave and premium pay requests, including supervisor alerts to requests and online supervisor approval
  • Automated leave balance and employee timesheet updates following leave requests, including automatic population of pay-period timesheets
  • Support for leave transfer programs, allowing employees to donate leave and use donated leave from within the application
  • Multilevel approval process and certification to help facilitate timesheet accuracy and security
  • Interface with most financial management and payroll systems


  • The Employee role permits the employees to enter time in the system.  In addition employees can submit leave and premium pay requests to their supervisor, create default timesheets that will pre-populate each timesheet with the same information, and make changes to the default times as needed
  • Timekeepers - webTA supports both an employee-based and timekeeper-based timesheet entry process. Thus, Timekeepers may enter and validate timesheets for their assigned employee
  • Supervisor - webTA is configured to support the Supervisor role for the federal time and attendance process. The main function of the role is to certify timesheets for assigned employees
  • Master Timekeeper - The Master Timekeeper role is similar in many ways to the Timekeeper role. While a Timekeeper’s access to employee records is restricted to their assigned employees, the Master Timekeeper does not have such a restriction. An employee who is assigned the Master Timekeeper role has access to all employee accounts within webTA
  • Master Supervisor - The Master Supervisor role is similar in many ways to the Supervisor role. A regular Supervisor's access to employee records is restricted to employees who are assigned to them. Master Supervisors can certify timesheets on behalf of all employees in webTA
  • HR Administrator - The HR Administrator may review the webTA work products through each change cycle for traceability to their business requirements, as well as being responsible for assigning organizational roles & other values for webTA
  • Agency Administrator - This role is typically assigned to a limited group of agency personnel and manages accounts, users, groups, and has limited system administration functions

System Configuration Options

  • Role responsibility designations for various system functions
  • Ability to limit employees to local timekeeper regions
  • On-line leave and premium pay requests
  • Establishment of minimum/maximum values
  • Can interface with the Interior Business Center or a non-Interior Business Center pay provider

Customer Service/Relationships

  • Dedicated Help Desk staff
  • Problem tracking system
  • On-line help system
  • Training
  • Interagency agreements