Office of Indirect Cost Services

The Office of Indirect Cost Services (ICS) negotiates and issues federally recognized indirect cost rate agreements on behalf of the Department of the Interior and as a federal shared service provider on behalf of other federal cognizant agencies for indirect costs. ICS supports the Federal Financial Assistance Grants community and ensures the indirect costs paid by the U.S. Government are legally sound, fair, and equitable. ICS negotiates indirect cost rates with various non-federal entities to include state and local governments, Tribes, and nonprofit organizations.

Please refer to the related links below for important policy updates and information on submitting your indirect cost proposals. 

Other ICS Business Offerings

The Office of ICS has an experienced staff of federal government accountants and auditors. In addition to negotiating indirect cost rates, the Office of ICS can work with clients and offer the following fee for services:

  • Provide Training on How to Develop and Apply Indirect Cost Rates to Federal Financial Assistance (Grants)
  • Conduct Improper Payment Review Services for Federal Financial Assistance Awarding Agencies
  • Provide Incurred Cost Audit Reviews for Cost Reimbursable Contracts

Contact Us

  • General Questions and Inquiries:
  • Craig Wills, Office Chief: 916-930-3828
  • Doris Jensen, Branch Chief for other Federal Agency Partners: 916-930-3829
  • Mark Stout, Branch Chief for Department of Interior and Tribal Partners: 916-930-3830

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