DOI Office of the Secretary Requisitions

Our customers within the DOI’s Office of the Secretary should complete the Purchase Request/Requisition Information Form

The form collects the required information to initiate or modify procurement actions. Instructions on how to fill out the requested form fields are included on the last four pages of the fillable form.

After it is completed, the appropriate branch chief or program office supervisor and certifying funds approver should approve/sign the request before it is submitted to the Interior Business Center.

DOI Office of the Secretary offices with requisitioners role mapped should use this form as a guide to enter their requisition into FBMS. The form will be routed through FBMS to the contracting officer.

DOI Office of the Secretary offices that have requested IBC's Acquisition Services to create their requisition, should complete this form (paper-copy) and submit it via email.

DOI OS Purchase Request/Requisition Form

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