Getting Started

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project, and help you learn about us. Federal program managers may contact us at 703-964-3600 or email us. We can discuss your project requirements, what you are looking to accomplish, and tell you about our acquisition organization.

When you are ready to move forward with us, you may submit any documentation that supports your requirements to a new business agent for evaluation and acceptance.

Project Requirements

STEP 1 - Provide a clear description of your requirements through a Statement of Work/Statement of Objectives/Performance Based Work Statement.

STEP 2 - Include an Independent Government Cost Estimate. The IGCE is a required component of procurement planning. Procurement planning uses the IGCE as a baseline for conducting negotiations with the Contractor. For labor, these negotiations focus on the number of hours estimated to execute the task along with labor categories. Because hourly rates vary across labor categories, it is important that the estimator take care to provide realistic hourly estimates. Travel, materials, supplies, and other direct costs are to be considered when developing an IGCE. A well-constructed IGCE helps to ensure that the requesting agency receives services at a fair and reasonable cost and that any negotiations involved are kept to a minimum. For instructions and templates that you can use to help complete an IGCE, refer to the links below.

STEP 3 - Provide Period of Performance.

STEP 4 - Provide desired award date. IBC's Acquisition Services Directorate will review your information and notify you if the project is accepted. Upon acceptance of your project requirements, we will ask you to submit the funding document. Then, your project will be formally assigned to a contracting officer.