Interior Business Center Locations

The Interior Business Center is a geographically dispersed organization. Our headquarters is in Washington, D.C., but we maintain several offices across the country to better serve our customers. Contact information and mailing addresses for the Interior Business Center offices are located on our Contact Us page.

The offices below are ordered based on the number of employees stationed in each location.


The Interior Business Center's office in Colorado is located in Denver. Our Denver campus houses employees from several functional areas: Acquisition, Financial Management, Human Resources, and Enterprise Management.


Our office in Herndon, Va., primarily houses employees from the Acquisition and Financial Management lines of business, and Enterprise Management.


Our office in Sierra Vista, Ariz., is primarily used by employees from the Acquisition line of business.


Our office in Sacramento, Calif., houses our Indirect Cost Services that is a component of our Financial Management line of business.

District of Columbia

The Interior Business Center is headquartered in Washington, D.C., In addition to the Office of the Director, this location houses employees from the Human Resources line of business and Enterprise Management.


Our office in Idaho is located in Boise. It houses employees from our Acquisition line of Business.


Our Anchorage location in Alaska is a satellite office to Boise, Idaho. It is staffed with employees from the Acquisition line of business.