A "Leader Shirt," ca. 1890, owned by Chief Two Strike, Lakota
Dawnhawk Productions

P.O. Box 251

La Veta, Colorado  81055

Tel: (719) 248-3916



Artist/Owner: Arthur J. Short Bull (Lakota)

Products:  Original watercolor and acrylic paintings.  Lakota poetry and imagery; horses, buffalo, birds, wolves.  Portraits.  Lakota history, i.e. Wounded Knee.  Commissions accepted.  Write or e-mail for more information.  

Dzabahe Jewelry 
Artwork by Bessie and Betina Smith (Dine)
Jewelry © Dzabahe Jewelry.

4644 Eugene Way

Denver, Colorado 80239

Tel: (303) 547-4678 or (303) 898-1185 




Artists/Owners: Bessie and Betina Smith (Diné)

Products: DZABAHE (zaan-ba-ha) Jewelry takes pride in creating Handmade, unique jewelry, crafted using elements of the earth, including (but not limited to) semi-precious stones, coral, wood, seeds, and sea shell. The jewelry embodies the values and teachings of our Native culture and promotes the transmission of our Native culture and traditions to the next generation. Unisex jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.

We conduct business nationwide and via conferences, powwows, and our website. Invitations to artisan events are welcome. Special and custom orders accepted. Credit cards and PayPal accepted online; Credit cards, Venmo, PayPal and Cash accepted at events and powwows.


Denny Haskew 
"Transformation" and "On Prairie's Edge." © Denny Haskew.
Transformation and On Prairie's Edge. © Denny Haskew.


Artist (Citizen Band of Potawatomi)

540 N Grant Ave.

Loveland, Colorado 80537

Tel: (970) 290-8383

By appointment only.

Products: Monumental to maquette bronze, stone sculpture, paintings, and photography. Corporate, private, and public commissions accepted.

Graven Image

12386 W. 62nd Avenue

Arvada, Colorado 80004

Tel: (303) 432-3676


Artist/Owner: Patricia Aragon (Cherokee)

Products: Jewelry, artifact reproductions, walking sticks, carvings, kachinas, dreamcathers. Products are handmade. Special orders accepted. Write, call, or e-mail for more information

J-Nine & Seester Creations

31520 Forest Lane

Elizabeth, Colorado 80107

Tel: (303) 646-0193 or (303) 880-1164


Artist/Owner: Gayle Ann Loughridge (Choctaw)

Products: Ceramic paintings, leather work, antler dreamcatchers, spears, pipes, turtle rattles, breastplates.

Native Tears, Inc.

6512 Iris Street

Arvada, Colorado 80004


Owner: Matthew White (Ponca)

Products: Candles, candle holders, metal sculpture, custom iron work. Special orders accepted. Write or e-mail for more information.

Nighthorse Jewelry, Inc. 
Jewelry © Ben Nighthorse
Cuffs © Ben Nighthorse. 


P.O. Box 639


Ignacio, Colorado 81137

Tel: (970) 563-4623

Artist/Owner: Ben Nighthorse (Northern Cheyenne) 

Products: Contemporary gold and silver jewelry; metal inlay jewelry (sterling silver inlaid with colored metals such as copper, brass, German silver, and white, green, yellow, and rose gold in 18k). Special orders accepted. Mail order.

Lynda Teller Pete

Artist (Navajo)

2142 Irving Street

Denver, Colorado 80211

Tel: (303) 548-0840



Products: I am a fifth-generation Navajo tapestry weaver, specializing in Two Grey Hills tapestries with high weft counts, using hand carded and handspun wool. I am available for commissions on other styles of Navajo weaving, such as Storm Patterned rugs, Burntwater, and period pieces from the late 1800s: Child Blankets, Mokis, 1st Phase, 2nd Phase, and 3rd Phase rugs known as "Chief's Blankets." I have collaborated with corporate clients on textiles and offer lectures, including Introduction to Navajo Weaving. I consult with museum curators, present at weaving conferences and symposiums and contributes print material for weaving exhibitions. Offers beginning and intermediate classes for Navajo weaving. Please check my website for upcoming Navajo weaving classes. Other products available, including Navajo weaving looms and Navajo weaving tools. 

I accept commissions with reasonable timelines. Please call or email me for more information. I accept credit cards. 

April Juniper Toledo

Artisan (Navajo)

1131 N Pinon Circle

Bayfield, Colorado 81122

Tel:  (970) 553-0375



Products:  beadwork, moccasins, ribbon skirts. 

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