Purpose of the NATIVE Act

Sec. 2. Purposes.​

  1. Enhance and integrate Native American tourism;​

  2. Increase coordination and collaboration between Federal and Native American tourism-related activities;​

  3. Expand heritage and cultural tourism opportunities to spur economic development, create jobs, and increase revenues;​

  4. Enhance and improve self-determination and self-governance capabilities in the Native American community and to promote greater self-sufficiency; ​

  5. Encourage Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and ​Native Hawaiian organizations to engage more fully in Native  American tourism activities to increase visitation to rural and remote areas; ​

  6. Provide grants, loans, and technical assistance to ​Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and Native Hawaiian ​organizations to spur infrastructure develop, increase tourism capacity, and elevate living standards; and​

  7. Support development of technologically innovative ​projects that incorporate recreational travel and tourism ​information and data to improve the visitor experience. 

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