Key Provisions of the NATIVE Act

Sec. 4 Integrating Federal Tourism Assets to Strengthen Native Tourism Opportunities​

  • Providing technical assistance through a cooperative agreement with an organization with a demonstrated record in Native Hawaiian communities of defining, introducing, developing and sustaining Native Hawaiian tourism and related activities in a manner that respects and honors native traditions and values. [Sec. 4 (d)(1)]​

  • Facilitation and coordination between the Department of the Interior and Native Hawaiian organizations to provide a means for the delivery of technical assistance. [Sec. 4 (d)(2)(B)]​

Sec. 5 Native American Tourism and Branding Enhancement​

  • Taking actions to help empower Native Hawaiian organizations to showcase the heritage, foods, traditions, history and continuing vitality of the Native Hawaiian Community.  [Sec. 5 (a)(1)]​

  • Support efforts of Native Hawaiian organizations to:​

    • identify and enhance or maintain traditions and cultural features that are important to sustain the distinctiveness of the local [Native Hawaiian] community; and​

    • provide visitor experiences that are authentic and respectful. [Sec. 5 (a)(2)]​

  • Enhance efforts to promote understanding and respect for diverse cultures and subcultures in the United States and the relevance of those cultures to the national brand of the United States. [Sec. 5 (a)(4)]

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