Question: May I voluntarily give up my seat on an oversold flight?

Answer: Yes, as long as it does not interfere with your official duties and there is no increase in costs to the Government. If this applies, you may keep any gift or compensation under the following conditions:

(1) You may not claim additional travel expenses including per diem, as a result of giving up your seat.

(2) You must take annual leave if your travel is delayed during duty hours, and any expenses you accrue while on leave must be paid by you.

Question: The Standards of Conduct prohibit misuse of Government property such as Government owned cars. What constitutes misuse? And does it also apply to rental cars leased by the Government?

Answer: Yes. The rules on the misuse of Government owned vehicles also apply to vehicles leased by the Government. You are misusing a Government vehicle when you use it for personal benefit as opposed to using it for the benefit of the Government. The rule of reason allows you to use a rental car as we probably all do when on official travel; you may travel to a restaurant near your hotel for meals, as opposed to having to eat all your meals in the hotel restaurant. See Departmental Manual, Motor Vehicle Management, 412 DM 1