Frequently Asked Questions - Post Government Employment

Question: On post employment, Joshua recently retired as a GS-15 attorney/advisor for the Solicitor's Office. He was asked by officials of the Pawnee Indian Tribe to represent the Tribe in a mineral royalty dispute before the Bureau of Land Management. Joshua was involved in the beginning phase of this particular dispute when he was employed by the Department. Will the post employment laws allow Joshua to represent the Pawnee Tribe before the Department?

Answer: The answer is yes. Under the provisions of 25 USC 450i(j), a former employee may be assigned to represent a recognized Tribe on a particular matter before an agency of the United States. The former employee may do this without violating the post employment laws. If the matter was one in which the former employee was involved in as a Federal employee. the former employee is required to notify (in writing) the head of the agency of his or her plan to represent the Tribe before the Agency. See 18 U.S.C. §207

Question: I'm interested in leaving the Government and working for a company that my agency does business with? May I give the company my résumé?

Answer: You may; however, the prospective employer could be affected by projects and other matters you work on for the Government. If the projects to which you are assigned affect your prospective employer, then you may need to stop working on that project, i.e., recuse or disqualify yourself.