Shutdown Compliance Guidance

Last edited 9/29/2021

Due to a lapse in appropriations, the Department of the Interior will be affected by the government shutdown.

If you are one of the majority of employees furloughed:

  • You will report for duty on your next scheduled work day, at your usual reporting time and location. For most of you, that will be Wednesday; however, some employees are scheduled to work this weekend. In those cases, please talk to your supervisor regarding your schedule.
  • If you are already on leave, or scheduled to take leave on your next usual reporting time, you DO NOT need to come in. You should provide your supervisor with personal contact information so that they can contact you and provide a copy of your notice remotely. All employees must be accounted for, so please ensure that you can be reached.
  • When you arrive at work, you will be given a letter explaining your temporary furlough and your rights and obligations during the shutdown. If you are in travel status or have plans to travel in the next week, please keep in close contact with your supervisor.
  • Please continue to check the OPM website each morning for the latest update on the government’s operating status. As soon as an agreement is in place, OPM will update their webpage with information on when you may report for duty.
  • It is your responsibility to be aware of when the government reopens. Guidance on returning to work will be made available through a number of sources, including:

Office of Personnel Management:

Denver Operating Status Line: 303-969-6644. Although this line is typically only for the Denver campus, shutdown information will be applicable to all employees. Local News Sites and Programs

For employees in the Main Interior Building:

  • During the course of any shutdown, the MIB will be closed to the public. Excepted employees will have access to the building.
  • Excepted employees who have parking permits for the MIB and Federal Reserve will still be able to park there, but some ramps to MIB may be closed. There will be no shuttle service to MIB for the duration of any shutdown. The health unit, fitness center, child care center at MIB, and cafeteria at MIB will be closed for the duration. Employees, including furloughed employees, may still access the credit union. Furloughed employees seeking to do so should check in at the guard desk.

Thank you very much for your time, dedication, and patience.

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