Harassment Duty Attorney

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Contact a duty attorney at SOL-Antiharass@sol.doi.gov 

Forward a completed Harassment Intake Form.

When a manager or supervisor is put on notice of allegations of harassing conduct, he or she is required to act promptly – sometimes in a matter of hours or a few days – to take interim steps to address the allegations. The questions that may need to be addressed promptly include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether to separate the victim and the alleged harasser and how that separation can be achieved legally;
  • What immediate remedial steps or actions are necessary and/or appropriate under the circumstances, especially if the allegations involve threats of or actual physical violence or harassment of a sexual nature;
  • Whether and when placement of the alleged harasser on administrative leave is appropriate; and
  • What type of investigation is appropriate (e.g. internal investigation, referral to the Office of the Inspector General, a third-party investigation).

How to seek immediate legal advice from ELLU

Because managers and supervisors are required to take prompt and appropriate interim measures when serious harassment is alleged, ELLU has established a Harassment Email Hotline at SOL-antiharass@sol.doi.gov at which management can seek immediate, same-day legal advice. ELLU attorneys will serve as the Harassment Duty Attorney on a rotating basis to ensure coverage from 8AM-7PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. The Harassment Duty Attorney will respond to emails within one (1) hour of receipt.  The duty attorney will ask that the manager, supervisor or Employee Relations staff download and complete the Harassment Intake Form to allow the duty attorney to provide appropriate legal advice. 

When to contact the Harassment Duty Attorney

The Harassment Email Hotline should only be used to handle emergency issues when managers and supervisors first become aware of harassment allegations and require legal advice on appropriate interim measures.  Managers, supervisors, and employee relations and Equal Employment Opportunity staff who are seeking legal advice in non-emergency situations should contact ELLU through ELLU's general email intake at SOL-ELLU@sol.doi.gov by downloading and submitting an Assignment Intake Form.  Non-emergency situations would include requests for legal advice regarding:

  • disciplinary actions;
  • policy reviews;
  • performance issues;
  • union issues;
  • personnel litigation in the EEOC and MSPB;
  • arbitrations and grievances; and
  • mediation.


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