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If you have a new matter that you would like to be assigned to ELLU, please download and complete the Assignment Intake Form and forward to

Managers, supervisors and Human Resources staff who need to talk to a particular attorney about a case or matter should refer to the names and numbers of Employment and Labor Law Unit (ELLU) members below. 

Director, ELLU

Karen Richardson (Washington, D.C.) (202) 208-5708

Deputy Director, Eastern Division, ELLU

Lasagne Wilhite (Washington, D.C.) (202) 208-7718

Deputy Director, Western Division, ELLU

Nanette Gonzales (Denver) (303) 445-0613

Eastern Division Attorneys

Alexander, Vincent (Washington DC) (202) 208-3497

Dearing, Michelle (Washington DC) (202) 208-5316

Frost, Gavin (Washington DC) (202) 208-6462

Gately, David (Boston) (612) 223-5715

Gorman, Pegah (Washington DC) (202) 208-5620

Handelsman, Elizabeth (Washington DC) (202) 208-3138

Koduru, Jennifer (Washington DC) (202) 219-0362

Linenberg, Andrew (Washington DC) (202) 208-3283

Olarinde, Toye (Washington DC) (202) 208-4525

Raposa, Daniel (Washington DC) (202) 208-3185

Western Division Attorneys

Walker, Ernest (Denver) (303) 445-0637

Yim, Deborah (Denver) (303) 445-0623

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