Mobile-ready content

More than 20% of traffic to is via smartphone or tablet. More than 25% of new user visits are via smartphone or tablet.

As I type this guidance, nearly 40% of traffic to Interior sites is on mobile devices.

This is a big deal.

Good news: the templates for our pages are mobile-ready/responsive/friendly, by default.

That said, we can break the mobile-readiness of our pages through the use of old-fashioned (but still common) techniques.

  • Using tables for layout
    • Don't use tables for layout
    • Only use tables for tabular data
    • If you can use a list, rather than a table, use the list. 
    • If you really must use a table, please follow our table guidance.
  • Forced columns
    • If your site has a box on the right side of the screen, it's probably going to look awful (or at least not-quite-right) on mobile. Also, it's probably a vestige of our old design. Let's make it go away.
    • Smartphones aren't normally held horizontally, so don't design horizontally.
  • Using PDFs for everything
    • Don't use PDFs for everything.
    • Use ordinary web pages in place of PDFs whenever possible.
    • If you think PDFs are the best way to display information on the web, I guarantee you're not using a smartphone to browse the web.
    • Just to be super-clear, PDFs generally look horrible on smartphones.
  • I'll add more as I bump into it.

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