Services with no agency TOS agreement

None of the following services is approved for DOI-wide use; however, it’s possible that some bureau approval may be in place.  In addition, for those awaiting DOI approval, this appendix may serve as a look ahead (a “warning order” to ex-military folks) to what guidance might follow future approval.

  1. Remember the TOS/PIA/SORN.
    • TOS – DOI must approve terms of service with the provider.  GSA approval is not enough.
    • PIA – DOI requires an approved Privacy Impact Assessment (or preliminary PIA).
    • SORN – Any social media must be used only within the boundaries of a published System of Records Notice.
    • Request approval from your bureau’s social media contact.

Contact OS/OCO for all account approvals for services listed in this appendix.  One contact person has been assigned responsibility for account management as per negotiation with service providers.

Non-Google Analytics

If possible, mask the final octet of all IP addresses.  DOI considers a full IP address as PII and there’s a strong sense within DOI that we shouldn’t be giving Google or any other vendor the ability to track citizen “movement” across government websites, even if that ability isn’t used.

Add to your analytics account as a “User.”

Google products other than those approved

  1. Using Google products other than those approved by OCO, OCIO or other proper authority without first obtaining an approved TOS, PIA and (if necessary) SORN is expressly forbidden.
  2. Improperly using Google products other than analytics without paying Google or an authorized reseller would compound the situation.

Non-Google Maps

  1. DOI OCO has completed a general-purpose PIA for WebMaps; however, we have no approved TOS for any free commercial mapping service.
  2. The general-purpose PIA lacks OCIO security approval for any but Google maps.  Before implementing a non-Google-map solution, have the solution approved by OCIO.
  3. The website language required for Google Maps by the June 23, 2000, memorandum on Google Maps (“Subject: Use of Google Maps Application Programming Interface”) is also required for non-Google maps (modified to replace “Google” with the name of the map provider).
  4. If, after going through appropriate acquisition processes, your bureau or office decides to use an online mapping solution, contact OCO/Digital Strategy for details and proper use under the approved PIA.

We’re working to improve Interior’s online map situation (See 6 above). OCO/Digital Strategy also recognizes the utility of online maps. In the mean time, for static maps, please consider using screenshots of USGS or Open StreetMaps (or other "open") maps.