For Managers and Supervisors

If you are made aware of harassing behavior, you have an immediate duty to act. Supervisors/managers who observe or are informed of allegations of harassing conduct must:

  • take immediate steps to ensure employee safety and prevent the harassing conduct from continuing;
  • report the conduct/allegations to the appropriate officials, even if the employee raising the allegation requests confidentiality;
  • ensure that a prompt, objective, and thorough investigation is conducted; and
  • take steps to ensure that the harassing conduct is appropriately addressed to deter further misconduct, including taking disciplinary action, if appropriate.

Personnel Bulletin 18-01 includes strict time frames and procedures for supervisor/manager action, detailed in Section 7 of the policy. For more information, please visit the Office of Human Capital Human Capital Crossroads website, or refer to guidance provided by your servicing Human Resources Office. Throughout the process, you will be assisted by your servicing Human Resources Office and the Office of the Solicitor.

For immediate support in taking actions on allegations of harassing conduct,
contact your servicing Human Resources Office.

Appropriate corrective action, disciplinary or otherwise, up to and including removal, will be taken against any supervisor or other management official who fails to perform her or his obligations as set forth in this policy, including any failure to report known violations of this policy.

Additional Resources for Managers

  • The Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR) offers all employees, including managers, the ability to speak to Ombuds and conflict management professionals, who will listen to your concerns, assist you in exploring possible solutions to difficult problems, and where appropriate, help you seek resolution and conciliation.  Ombuds work independently from management’s chain of command and are impartial. CORE PLUS neutrals are qualified, certified providers of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution services. Conversations with ombuds and other CORE PLUS neutrals are confidential and informal and provide you a safe place to explore options for addressing individual or organizational concerns. Ombuds and CORE PLUS neutrals are not obliged to report discussions (outside of imminent risk of harm). Many Bureaus/Offices now have dedicated Ombuds assigned to assist employees and managers in that organization.
  • The DOI Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers professional, confidential
    counseling and consultation that can help you resolve issues and offer additional assistance. Services are available at no cost to you or members of your family. DOI has contracted with the EAP provider Espyr. Espyr has caring, professional counselors who can assist you in a work-related or personal crisis. Espyr provides comprehensive EAP services, including assistance with emotional issues, work problems, substance abuse, supervisory training, stress, marital/family concerns, financial matters, legal issues, elder care resources, and childcare referrals. Espyr also offers assessment, short-term counseling, and referral services helping you identify and clarify your concerns, consider available options, and develop a plan of action to create solutions that work. Espyr has offices nationwide.

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