Manager and Supervisor Resources

If you are made aware of harassing behavior, you should immediately contact your Human Resources Office, which will assist you with addressing the issue and can also engage external investigative resources or coordinate the involvement of other offices, as appropriate. If you are made aware of allegations of criminal conduct, contact law enforcement immediately and then your Human Resources Office. In addition, the Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution offers managers the ability to speak to Ombuds and conflict management professionals, who will listen to concerns, assist in exploring possible solutions to difficult problems, and, where appropriate, help managers seek resolution and conciliation.

For immediate support in investigating allegations of harassment,
managers should contact their servicing Human Resources Office.

The Department has implemented new contracting mechanisms to provide independent fact-finding services for alleged misconduct. These resources are available to all Bureaus and Offices. Employee relations specialists in all Bureau/Office Human Resources Offices serve as the main points of contact for initiating administrative investigations using these vehicles.

Additional resources for managers include: