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Rangers in boat travel through flooded water next to trees.

Every year, Interior recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. They are ordinary people, but their extraordinary work is the foundation of our Department.  

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The Liberty Bell is displayed in room with Independence Hall visible through a window in the background.

The National Park Service preserves many of the places that played a pivotal role in the Revolution, sharing the stories of the people who pledged their lives, fortunes and honor to founding a nation built on the promise of liberty and justice for all.

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Deer eat green grass with the Olympic Mountains towering in the background.

 In celebration of the Olympic National Park’s 80th anniversary, check out 11 things you might not know about the stunningly beautiful park.

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Green oyster castles grow on beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

To support thriving coastlines and ocean ecosystems, Interior employees and programs are working with local partners to build artificial reefs -- creating refuge for marine life.

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Green trees and mountain loom over the sandy beach at National Park of American Samoa.

Many of the nation’s most popular, unspoiled or famous beaches are public lands that belong to all Americans. From sea to shining sea, Interior manages more than 35,000 miles of coastline and millions of acres of public waters. 

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Happy Independence Day!

What better way to celebrate America, than experiencing the great outdoors?

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Secretary Zinke stands outdoors in a grassy meadow smiling at the camera.

Today, President Trump reaffirmed our reform efforts when he announced a proposal to merge administrative responsibilities of other Agencies into DOI to improve the efficiency of the regulatory process.

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The seal of Interior's Office of Inspector General is a blue circle with an eagle inside it.

The Department is sharing the most recent Semi-Annual Report to Congress issued by the Office of Inspector General.