- A -

AI Avian Influenza
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Investigation Service
ASTHO Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
AS Assistant Secretary

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BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BOR Bureau of Reclamation

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CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management
CONOPS Concept of Operations
COOP Continuity of Operations

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D/A Department/Agency
DAA Designated Approving Authority
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DM Departmental Manual
DOC Department of Commerce
DoD Department of Defense
DOI Department of the Interior
DOJ Department of Justice
DOS Department of State
DOT Department of Transportation
DRG Domestic Readiness Group

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EC Emergency Coordinator
ELIPS Electronic Library of Interior Policies
EMC Emergency Management Council
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ESF Emergency Support Function

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FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FECA Federal Employees' Compensation Act
FEHB Federal Employee Health Benefits
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFL Family Friendly Leave
FGRS Federal Government Response Stage
FMCS Federal Medical Contingency Stations
FMLA Family Medical Leave Act
FOH Federal Occupational Health
FPC Federal Preparedness Circular
FWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service

- H -

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HA Hemagglutinin (a protein on the surface of the influenza virus)
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HPAI High Pathogenic Avian Influenza
HR Human Resources
HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration
HSC Homeland Security Council
HSPD Homeland Security Presidential Directive
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HQ Headquarters

- I -

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ICS Incident Command System
IDSA Infectious Disease Society of America
ILI Influenza-Like Illness
IMPT Interagency Incident Management Planning Team
IMT Incident Management Team
INS Incident of National Significance
IOM Institute of Medicine
I-RECC Interior Regional Emergency Coordination Council
ISID International Society for Infectious Diseases
IT Information Technology

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JIC Joint Information Center

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LPAI Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza
LEO Law Enforcement Officer

- M -

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MEF Mission Essential Function
MMS Minerals Management Service

- N -

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NA Neuraminidase (a protein on the surface of the influenza virus)
NACCHO National Association of County and City Officials
NBC National Business Center
NCH National and Cultural Resources and Historic Properties
NCR National Capital Region
NDMS National Disaster Medical System
NFID National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NI Neuraminidase Inhibitors
NIC National Influenza Center
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIMS National Incident Management System
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NOC National Operations Center
NPS National Park Service
NRP National Response Plan
NVAC National Vaccine Advisory Committee
NVPO National Vaccine Program Office
NVSL National Veterinary Services Laboratory
NWHC National Wildlife Health Center

- O -

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OCIO Office of the Chief Information Officer
OCO Office of Communications
OEPC Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
OHR Office of Human Resources
OHS Office of Health and Safety
OIE World Organization for Animal Health (Office of International des Epizooties)
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OLESEM Office of Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management
OMB Office of Management and Budget
ONCP Office of National Continuity Programs
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OS Office of Secretary
OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Administration
OWFC Office of Wildland Fire Coordination

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PAM Office of Acquisition and Property Management
PAS Presidentially Appointed, Senate Confirmed
PCC Policy Coordination Committee
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PHS U.S. Public Health Service
PI Pandemic Influenza
PIO Public Information Officer
PMB Policy, Management and Budget
PMEF Primary Mission Essential Function
POD Payroll Operations Division
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
Pro-MED Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases Electronic Outbreak Reporting System

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R&D Research and Development
RAS Remote Access Policy
RPL Reemployment Priority List

- S -

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SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SMEF Supporting Mission Essential Function
SMIS Safety Management Information System
SOL Office of the Solicitor
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SSP System Security Plan

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TT&E Test, Training and Exercises

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USAID U.S. Agency for International Development
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
USGS United States Geological Survey
USMS United States Marshall's Service

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VA Veteran's Affairs
VRBPAC Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee

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WHO World Health Organization