DOI Pandemic Influenza Plan

i Record of Changes
ii Approval
iii Table of Contents
vii Executive Summary
1. Overview of the DOI Pandemic Influenza Plan
  1.1 Purpose
  1.2 Basis
  1.3 Applicability/Scope
  1.4 Assumptions
  1.5 Plan Approval
  1.6 Plan Maintenance
  1.7 Plan Distribution
2. Planning Considerations
  2.1 National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
  2.2 National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan
  2.3 Human Capital Planning for Pandemic Influenza
  2.4 Continuity of Operations (COOP) Guidance for Pandemic Influenza
  2.5 The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Pandemic Influenza Plan
  2.6 Interim Pre-Pandemic Planning Guidance: Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation in the United States – Early, Targeted, Layered Use of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions
  2.7 Interim Public Health Guidance for the Use of Facemasks and Respirators in Non-Occupational Community Settings during an Influenza Pandemic
  2.8 Interagency Playbook for Domestic Response to a Detection of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 in Birds
3. Relationship to Other Plans and Programs
  3.1 DOI COOP Plan
  3.2 Bureau Pandemic Influenza Plans
  3.3 National Response Plan
  3.4 Avian Influenza Migratory Bird Surveillance and Detection Program
  3.5 DOI Avian Influenza/Pandemic Communications Plan
4. Roles and Responsibilities
  4.1 Program Assistant Secretaries
  4.2 Solicitor
  4.3 Inspector General
  4.4 Assistant Secretary – Policy, Management, and Budget
    4.4.1 Deputy Assistant Secretary, Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management Director, Office of Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management Departmental Emergency Coordinator
    4.4.2 Director of the National Business Center
    4.4.3 Directors/Heads of Other Offices within the Immediate Office of the Secretary and those reporting to the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget
  4.5 Heads of Bureaus
  4.6 Emergency Management Council (EMC)
  4.7 NRP Principal Planners
  4.8 Interior Regional Emergency Coordinating Council (I-RECC)
  4.9 Departmental COOP Sites
5. Concept of Operations
  5.1 Response to Federal Government Response Stages
  5.2 Plan Activation Authorities
  5.3 Prioritization of Departmental Activities During Pandemic
  5.4 Strategies
    5.4.1 Social Distancing
    5.4.2 Vaccination and Anti-Viral Medications
    5.4.3 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    5.4.4 Telework
    5.4.5 Leave and Other Human Resources Flexibilities
    5.4.6 Continuity of Operations
      . Alternate Operating Facilities Special Provisions for COOP Team Members During a Pandemic Activate the DOI COOP Plan Reconstitution
  5.5 Employee Reporting & Accountability and Departmental Status
  5.6 Employees Returning to Work Once Recovered
6. Protecting Employee Health and Safety
  6.1 Scope and Purpose
  6.2 DOI Office of Occupational Health and Safety's Responsibilities
  6.3 Bureaus' and Offices' Responsibilities
7. Supporting the Federal Response, States, and Communities
  7.1 ESF-4 (Firefighting)
  7.2 ESF-11 (Agriculture and Natural Resources [Animal and Plant Disease and Pest Response])
  7.3/td> ESF-13 (Public Safety and Security)
    7.3.1 Planning Requirements for OLESEM
    7.3.2 Bureau and Law Enforcement Planning Requirements
  7.4 Federal Regional Areas of Responsibility and the Role of the Interior Emergency Coordinating Council (I-RECC) during a Pandemic
8. Communication with Key Audiences
  8.1 Organization and Structure
    8.1.1 Office of Communications
    8.1.2 DOI Avian Influenza/Pandemic Communications Team
  8.2 Roles and Responsibilities
    8.2.1 DOI Avian Influenza/Pandemic Communications Team
    8.2.2 Additional Communications Responsibilities
  8.3 Operational Phases and Triggers
    8.3.1 LPAI Detected in Wild Migratory Birds
    8.3.2 HPAI Detected in Wild Migratory Birds (Presumptive)
    8.3.3 HPAI Detected in Wild Migratory Birds (Confirmed)
    8.3.4 Human Pandemic Confirmed
A. Acronyms
B. Authorities and References
C. Pandemic Influenza Background
D. World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Phases and the Stages for Federal Government Response Stages
E. DOI Actions During Federal Government Response Stages
F. Employee Health and Safety Practices for Pandemic Influenza
G. DOI's Pandemic Vaccine Prioritization Scheme (Interim)
H. Employee Health and Safety Guidance for Avian Influenza Surveillance and Control Activities in Wild Bird Populations
I. Human Resources Policies
J. Telework and Remote Access Policy (RAS)
K. DOI Avian Influenza Communications Strategy
L. Avian Influenza Key Messages and Questions & Answers
M. Communications Templates for Avian Influenza Notifications, Advisories, and Releases
N. DOI Action Items from the Implementation Plan
O. Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklists
P. Office of the Secretary Pandemic Influenza Information
5-1 Strategies for Protecting Employees During a Pandemic
7-1 DOI ESF Responsiblities
7-2 Pandemic Influenza PFOs, JFOs, and Regional Areas of Responsibilities
C-1 Effects of Past Pandemics on the U.S.
C-2 Pandemic Severity Index Categories
C-3 When to Implement Various NPIs Based on PSI Category Scheme
D-1 WHO Phases and the Federal Government Response Stages
F-1 General Health and Safety Measures for Home and Work