Interior Operations Center Conference Room Reservations

IOC Conference Room


The Interior Operations Center has a clean, modern conference room (Main Interior Building Room 3447) that the Department of the Interior bureaus and offices may reserve for official meetings on a no-cost basis.  The room is equipped with teleconference and video-teleconference capabilities and has display capabilities for slide shows, document collaboration, webinars or mapping presentations.  The conference room seats approximately 18 persons at the main conference table and can seat approximately 20 additional participants around the perimeter.

Due to high demand, please schedule meetings at least two weeks in advance in order to provide the highest likelihood of availability. All requests for reservations to use the Interior Operations Center Conference Room should be submitted on the linked form below.


Interior Operations Center Conference Room Reservation Form


Notice: Please be aware that although the room is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, meetings hosted by senior officials may take precedence over more routine meetings.  There is also a possibility of scheduled meetings being re-scheduled for time-sensitive operational meetings. While these are rare occurrences, it has happened on occasion and requesters should be prepared to cancel or seek alternative arrangements if such an event occurs.