Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS)









Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS)

The Interior Geospatial Emergency Management System (IGEMS) provides the public with both an overview and more specific information on current natural hazard events. It is provided as an internet-accessible service by the Department of the Interior ‘s Office of Emergency Management.

IGEMS ( is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of current natural hazards events for the public as well as Federal, State and local partners. It enables users to monitor and analyze natural hazards events as they are occurring anywhere on the Earth aiding efforts in monitoring, responding to, and analyzing current natural hazards events. All of this information is presented in an integrated geospatial view that combines dynamic natural hazards events with a rich set of reference data including imagery, transportation, and hydrography.

IGEMS uses data provided by outside sources as well as data from Interior bureaus such as the U.S. Geological Survey. (Inclusion of this data does not constitute endorsement, express or implied, by the Department of the Interior of the referenced organizations, their suitability, content, products, functioning, completeness, or accuracy.)

IGEMS is also the next generation replacement for the Natural Hazards Support System (NHSS). NHSS has been in operation since 2003 supporting a significant customer base that can be responsible for over 8 million hits a month. NHSS was one of the first public applications to provide an integrated approach to natural hazards. Although individual federal agencies do an outstanding job of supplying natural hazards information to the public, each type of hazard (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, wildland fires etc.) is usually treated independently. IGEMS incorporates all of the data and functionality contained in NHSS, it also provides added information including hurricane tracks and current wind conditions. Since IGEMS utilizes the latest software and technology it provides a richer functionality, including a locate ability, and a richer user experience that supports mobile devices like tablets.

IGEMS is managed by the Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, under an agreement with the Office of Emergency Management. Comments on the website including recommendations for future data enhancements can be directed to Jill Cress, e-mail: