Meeting Materials
  • FR Notice (PDF)
  • Draft Agenda (PDF)
  • Revised Day 2 Agenda (PDF)
  • Meeting Summary/Minutes February 13, 2013 (PDF)
  • Meeting Summary/Minutes April 11, 2013 (PDF)
  • Revised Draft Terms of Reference (TOR) with edits (PDF)
  • Revised Draft Terms of Reference (TOR) clean (PDF)
  • Final Terms of Reference (PDF)
  • Draft Criteria for USEITI MSG Meeting (PDF)


  • ONRR Presentation (PDF)
  • ONRR DOI Revenues Presentation (PDF)
  • ONRR Legal Framework for Disclosures Presentation (PDF)
  • Treasury Presentation (PDF)

Additional Meeting Materials

  • Draft USEITI Goals (PDF)
  • Preliminary Scope (PDF)
  • Materiality (PDF)
  • Checklist For EITI Scoping & Feasibility Studies (PDF)
  • Guidance On Defining Materiality (PDF)
  • USEITI Preliminary Scope with Comments (PDF)

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