The U.S. Department of the Interior Publishing Council was chartered on
October 5, 1994. The Publishing Council recommends policies and procedures, coordinates research, and provides guidelines. The Publishing Council also advises the Director, Office of Information Resources Management; the Director, Office of Communications; and/or their respective designees. The Publishing Council may originate management issues concerning the Department-wide printing and publishing program effort and will respond through the Department on related matters presented from outside sources.


• Empower Bureau printing offices to manage their printing programs.
• Work, interact, and exchange information and ideas in managing printing programs.
• Periodically review Departmental publishing policies and procedures to determine program effectiveness and recommend changes.
• Explore ways and means to share resources throughout the Department.
• Collectively explore emerging, innovative technologies and recommend Department-wide adoption.
• Assist and establish educational, training, and career development programs within the publishing community.
• Represent the Department on the Inter-Agency Printing Council accomplishments.



• Developed a Charter for the Publishing Council.
• Recommended revisions to the Departmental Manual, Part 314, "Printing and Publications" and rewrote chapters (approved by the Office of Information Resources Management and the Office of Communications).
• Developed a Department-wide desk guide for printing specialists.
• Developed Bureau review processes (approved by the Office of Communications).
• Developed an overview presentation titled Steward and Custodian of Departmental Printing, a Strategic Plan, and establishing and approval memorandums, which are all available below.
• Developed the DOI Copier Blanket Purchase Agreement for Multi-functional Devices, savings over the first five years was $9.2 million.
• Developed a business model for assigning Billing Address Codes (BACs) unique for each bureau.


Publishing Council Supporting Documents

Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary
September 18 and 21, 1994

Approval for a Departmental Publishing Council
Operations and Office of Communications
September 19 and 21, 1994

Establishment of the Department of the Interior Publishing Council
Division of Printing and Publications
October 7, 1994

Strategic Plan for the Department of the Interior Publishing Council
January 11, 1995

Steward and Custodian of Departmental Printing [Overview]
U.S. Department of the Interior Publication Council
October 20, 2003