What's New at DOI Learn


The user interface changes continue with the April release from the vendor for DOI Learn. The changes will be most noticeable to those who use Administrative features.

Buttons, Wizard and Table Format Updates


  • Action (Edit, Copy, Cancel, Archive) buttons were moved into a toolbar at the top of the tables
  • Redesign of the Select All feature – select box at the top of the list
  • Icons added to buttons - Some buttons will not have icons until the May 2016 release


  • All buttons moved to the right for easier access
  • Buttons float and are accessible at all times in most screens
  • Wizard breadcrumb steps color changes


  • Larger in size
  • Rounded corners
  • Updates may not be as significant in some systems
  • Several buttons are reformatted
  • Remaining buttons will be reformatted for the May 2016 release

Some changes are still a work in progress such as:

Approval Manager to approve training requests: The Edit and Print buttons have been moved to the top of the list of pending approvals and aren’t below the list as described.

approval manager edit print buttons

..or in Class Manager:  The buttons to Edit/Copy/Cancel classes have also been moved to the top of the list and don’t look too much like buttons – all are still a work in progress.

Class Manager Edit Copy Cancel Buttons

If you have any questions about the changes to DOI Learn please contact your Bureau Data Steward.