DOINews: Upcoming Climate-Smart Conservation Class in Tucson, AZ

Last edited 4/26/2016

Don't miss this opportunity to be involved in the May 19-21 Climate-Smart Conservation Class in Tucson, AZ. This special class offering is being hosted by the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) in coordination with the National LCC office, and by the Southwest Climate Science Center.

Climate Smart (Steve Hillebrand) 198x200
Course Description: This course is based on a forthcoming guide to the principles and practice of Climate-Smart Conservation. This publication is the product of an expert workgroup on climate change adaptation convened by the National Wildlife Federation in collaboration with the FWS's National Conservation Training Center and other partners (see sidebar). The course is designed to demystify climate adaptation for application to on-the-ground conservation. It will provide guidance in how to carry out adaptation with intentionality, how to manage for change and not just persistence, how to craft climate-informed conservation goals, and how to integrate adaptation into on-going work. Conservation practitioners and natural resource managers will learn to become savvy consumers of climate information, tools, and models.

For information about this class, please see the informational flyer.

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Photo Credit: Steve Hillebrand