DOINews: Upcoming SW CSC Webinars that Focus on Extreme Events in the Southwestern U.S.

Last edited 4/26/2016

Check out the upcoming webinars in the 2014 Southwest Climate Science Center Webinar Series! This series will focus on extreme events in the Southwestern U.S.

Climate Change and Fire Regimes in the Southwest

MARCH 27; 12pm Mountain

Speaker: Julio Betancourt - U.S. Geological Survey

In the Sierra Nevada, the position of the North Pacific Jet (NPJ) strongly modulates winter hydroclimatology and, therefore, affects both tree growth and fire activity. However, there is some evidence that greater greenhouse gas-driven warming at high northern latitudes weakens the equator-to-pole temperature gradient, yielding so-called Arctic amplification and more extreme weather by altering the orientation of the NPJ. Over the last decade, the polar jet stream – the fast-flowing, high-altitude westerly air current that flows over mid and high latitudes - has experienced more north-south oriented trajectories and slower progressions, consistent with Arctic amplification. In this webinar, Dr. Julio Betancourt will discuss recent research, which uses tree-ring data from 1409 – 1990 to reconstruct how the NPJ influences tree growth and fire activity in the Sierra Nevada. Register >>>

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Image Credit: Seth Munson, USGS