DOINews: New Online Tool Connects Climate Information, Data and Tools with User Needs

Last edited 4/26/2016

The Southwest Climate and Environmental Information Collaborative (SCENIC), a new online application, provides access to climate data, analysis tools, and other climate and weather information for the full extent or part of the Southwest region.

Some examples of observed and simulated data available through SCENIC are:

  • Daily point data from weather stations across the United States from 1950-present.
  • Dynamically downscaled gridded data and model outputs for 1970-2000 and 2040-2070 at 50 km spatial and daily temporal resolution.
  • PRISM data at daily (1980-present), monthly (1895-present), and yearly (1895-present) intervals at 4 km resolution. Customized analysis and visualization tools, such as data summaries, time series generators, and climate maps, also are available.

The beta version of SCENIC was recently released. Feedback on the beta version is currently being collected.

SCENIC was developed by the Western Regional Climate Center at the Desert Research Institute as part of their work with the Southwest Climate Science Center.

SCENIC (beta) is available at: