DOINews: Southwest Climate Science Center Research Program Ramps Up

Last edited 4/26/2016

The Southwest Climate Science Center is initiating both long- and short-term planning for its climate and climate-effects research program. The SWCSC Stakeholders Advisory Committee is developing advice on the highest priority information needs for a broad range of interests from throughout the Southwest. A January 26 letter to SAC representatives outlines the process being used to help develop themes for potential lines of research. SAC representatives' input will help feed the SWCSC Science Plan, which is intended to have a five-year time horizon. SAC input is also helping to inform Fiscal Year 2012 research planning. Information about SAC advice on climate-related information needs can be found here. The SWCSC has also kicked off projects that are envisioned as contributions to more-extensive ongoing regional efforts. Additional information about SWCSC contributions to the Southwest Climate Assessment, and to an evaluation of next generation climate models for projecting climate effects in the Southwest, can be found here.