DOINews: Southwest Climate Science Center Participates in the American Indian / Alaska Native Climate Change Meeting

Last edited 4/26/2016

On April 23 - 24, the Tohono O'odham Community College is hosting the 2012 Spring meeting of the American Indian Alaska Native Climate Change Working Group. Among those with Southwest Climate Science Center connections who will be participating are: Dr. Jonathan Overpeck (University of Arizona and the SWCSC research host principal) and Dr. Karletta Chief (also University of Arizona and a SWCSC Science Panelist) who will be delivering the meeting keynote addresses. In addition, Dr Dave Busch (SWCSC Interim Director) will be briefing the group on the Climate Science Centers as part of a panel with Dr. Dan Wildcat (Haskell Indian Nations University), Dr. T.M. Bull Bennett (Kiksapa Consulting), and Sue Wotkyns (Northern Arizona University, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals). The USGS and NASA are helping to sponsor the Climate Change Working Group meeting.