DOINews: USGS Scientists Discover that the Threatened Gulf Sturgeon also Spawns in the Fall

Last edited 4/26/2016

For the first time ever, USGS fish biologists have discovered that one species of North American sturgeon not only spawns in the spring, but as they have long hypothesized, also spawns in the fall. This discovery was recently reported in an advance online issue of the Journal of Applied Ichthyology in an article co-authored by Southeast Ecological Science Center (SESC) scientists, Michael Randall and Kenneth Sulak. The Gulf Sturgeon, protected under ESA as threatened, is a large, ancient and charismatic fish inhabiting seven natal rivers from Florida to Louisiana, well on its way to recovery in the Suwannee River. The paper is available online at (POC: Rachel Pawlitz, 352-264-3554 or Mike Randall, 352-264-3521).