The scientific priorities of the Southeast Climate Science Center (SE CSC) are driven by the needs and priorities of the natural and cultural resource management communities in the Southeast region, as contained in the SE CSC Science Agenda and as approved by the SE CSC Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC).

A Science Implementation Panel (SIP) works with Center staff to oversee peer review of all proposed projects and to recommend how to utilize available scientific assets to best address regional science priorities. To maintain high quality research, avoid conflicts of interest and protect confidential information, the SIP implements rigorous procedures for reviewing proposals. Core members of the SIP include science coordinators of the LCCs, other scientists with expertise in priorty science topics for a given year. Climate Science Cetner directors from adjoining CSC regions also serve on the SIP in an ex-officio capacity to identify issues benefiting from multi-region collaboration among CSCs. SIP members may not apply for SECSC funding during the time period that they serve of the SIP. The SIP is chaired by the Southeast CSC Center Director.

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