DOINews: SC CSC Participates in Choctaw Labor Day Festival

Last edited 4/26/2016

On August 30 - September 2nd, 2013, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma hosted their 66th Annual Choctaw Labor Day Festival in Tuskahoma, OK. The free festival includes Native American dances, Choctaw artistry of weaving baskets, beadwork masterpieces, gourds, pipes, wood sculptures, terrapin races, softball and stickball games, concerts and rides.

Two of the South Central Climate Science Center staff, April Taylor, Sustainability Scientist and Katie Underwood, Intern, as well as fellow consortium member, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma staff, Tye Baker, Senior Water Resource Management, and Sara-Jane Smallwood, Research Analyst, conducted outreach at the festival. The activities included a Going Green tent with environmental conservation education sessions on the Choctaw/Chickasaw Water Plan and Conservation Information, a Carbon Emission Wheel of Fortune game, Landscape Conservation and Rain Gardens, Benefits of Recycling Fishing Line, The Watershed and Non-Point Source Pollution, Just Enough Energy is Enough! Turn Your Household Utilities into Money!, and What Can I do to Recycle? There were also booth tables with materials and prizes, including water conservation kits, rain barrels, and weather radios. The South Central CSC was happy to be a part of the activities!

Choctaw Labor Day 2013