DOINews: Research Paper Wins "Outstanding Scientific Publication" at Wildlife Society Meeting

Last edited 4/26/2016

The research paper "The Predicted Influence of Climate Change on Lesser Prairie-Chicken Reproductive Parameters" won "Outstanding Scientific Publication" at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society (TWS) Meeting this past week. The Texas TWS is the largest state chapter of The Wildlife Society, the flagship professional society for Wildlife Biologists and Professionals, and >700 professionals and students were at the meeting (the annual national meeting usually has ~1500 individuals).

Research papers, such as this one, are very important for contributing to the body of knowledge related to climate change impacts in the South Central United States. The South Central Climate Science Center congratulates the authors and researchers of this paper!

Grisham with Prairie-Chicken
Lead Author, Blake Grisham, Working in the Field