DOINews: New Publication on Karst Ecosystems and Climate Change

Last edited 4/26/2016

In the Karst Ecosystems and Climate Change project, which was partly funded by the South Central Climate Science Center, researchers are assessing the links between climate, groundwater storage, spring flow, and ecosystem response in two contrasting major U.S. karst systems: the Edwards and Madison aquifers. Three models have been customized or developed--a high-resolution climate model, a rainfall-response model, and a species sensitivity model--that are then linked to investigate how forecasted climate scenarios might affect species supported in these two karst areas. The first publication of this study (Long and Mahler, 2013) describes the development and application of a rainfall-response model that will be used to forecast future responses to climate change in these two aquifers. Model results also were used to classify aquifer-response characteristics related to climatic cycles.

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