DOINews: Interior Announces New 2013 Research Projects at the South Central Climate Science Center

Last edited 4/26/2016

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced that the South Central CSC is awarding about $1.2 million to universities and other partners for research to guide resource managers in planning how to help species and ecosystems adapt to climate change.

The eight funded studies focus on how climate change will affect natural resources and management actions that can be taken to help offset such change. They include:

  • Providing information for effective management of the Red River Basin in light of climate-driven changes to flows. A Chickasaw Nation scientist leads this project. In addition, another project led by USGS will provide resource managers with the information they need to understand the nexus among climate change effects on stream flow, water, quality and stream ecology for watersheds in the Arkansas-Red River Basin. Both projects will help managers strengthen strategies that support restoration, conservation and management goals.
  • Assessing future water availability (distribution, quantity and demand) in the south-central region in response to the area's already changing climate.
  • Evaluating the ecological implications and the drivers of climate change in coastal wetlands of the northern Gulf of Mexico, an area of huge economic and ecological importance.
  • Working with other partners to better understand the impacts of extreme climatic events (e.g., tornadoes) and other climate drivers on agriculture, water availability and quality, cultural resources and fish and wildlife. This information will be invaluable for public and private sector managers and decision makers facing climate adaptation challenges.