DOINews: PI CSC Welcomes Kelvin Richards as New University Director!

Last edited 4/26/2016

2014_07_RichardsKelvin Richards, Professor of Oceanography at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (UHM), has taken the helm as the University Director for the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center and also the Director of the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC). After attaining his PhD in oceanography from the University of Southampton, UK, Richards' research focused on ocean stirring and mixing effects on the dynamics of Earth's environment, in particular the dynamical downscaling of physical processes and their impact on ocean biology in the waters around Hawai'i.

Beyond his extensive ocean dynamics publications, Kelvin's many accomplishments include leading the international research program Mixing in the Equatorial Thermocline (MIXET) and participating in upcoming research cruises to the equatorial Indian and Pacific Oceans with the R/V Mirai (JAMSTEC) and the R/V Falkor (Schmidt Ocean Institute). Richards joined the faculty of the IPRC (UHM) in 2002 with a joint appointment in the Oceanography Department, which he chaired from 2010 to 2012. Beyond his focus on Hawai'i, he has served on several international scientific committees.

Welcome Kelvin!