DOINews: PI CSC Releases Five-Year Science Agenda to Guide Research

Last edited 4/26/2016

PI CSC science agenda thumbThe Pacific Islands Climate Science Center has released its Five-Year Science Agenda for 2014-2018. The science agenda describes the four main science themes that will guide PI CSC research science, and presents a work plan for implementation.

The vision for the PI CSC is to develop science and other knowledge products, tools, and capabilities designed to support policy and management directed toward sustainability of human and ecological communities, conservation of species of concern, and other aspects of interconnected natural and anthropogenic systems in the Pacific islands.

PI CSC Science Themes for 2014-2018:

Theme 1: Guidance for Anticipated Intermediate-Term Climate Changes

Theme 2: Potential Effects of Changing Climate on Freshwater Resources
Theme 3: Anticipating and Addressing Change in Coastal and Low-Lying Areas
Theme 4: Forecasting Sustainability for Resource Management and Planning