Last edited 4/26/2016

US Fish and Wildlife Service in support of the Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative (PICCC), and the US Geological Survey in support of the Pacific Islands Climate Science Center (PICSC) provide funding guidance for FY 2012 in the attached document.

A total estimated amount of up to $1,900,000 for 7-15 science, data, and information-oriented projects that support priorities of the PICCC and PICSC may be awarded. Maximum award amount is $500,000. Projects must address one or more of the Science Priorities identified for FY12: Geophysical Drivers of Change, Effects of Geophysical Drivers on Biological and Cultural Resources, Models of Resource Response to Change, and Tools for Visualization and Decision Support (see Section I for description of topics). Proposals may be solicited from a specific agency or organization with proprietary or jurisdictional rights or unique expertise, or a Request for Proposals for a specific type of work may be released with this announcement. Unsolicited proposals will be reviewed through the criteria included in this guidance.

See Section IV of the document referenced above for information on how to apply.

The deadline for submissions is April 2, 2012 by 5pm HST. If you do not have the capability to submit electronically, please contact PICCC Science Manager, Jeff Burgett (Jeff_Burgett@fws.gov, (808) 687-6149) for information on how you may apply under this announcement.