Science Services of the Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) include the development of a 4-year Science Agenda, annual workplans, and requests for proposals; the administration of funded research projects; and inventory and coordination of climate science efforts by our partners in the Northwest.

The Science Agenda outlines the general science direction for the NW CSC, and the annual workplans provide guidance for its progressive implementation. The science priorities identified in these documents determine the selection criteria for research proposals; science priorities are developed with input from cultural and natural resource managers in the Northwest through the NW CSC Executive Stakeholder Advisory Committee (ESAC). To read more about Science Services at the NW CSC, please download the Science Services section of the Strategic Plan by clicking here.

The NW CSC administers 1- to 2-year research projects, the first of which started in fiscal year 2011. Additional requests for proposals occur annually or bi-annually, depending on availability of funds and prior commitments to 2-year projects.

Northwest CSC Science Services Accomplishments to-date:

  • The NW CSC Science Agenda for 2012-2016 was adopted in January 2012, and annual workplans are released at the end of each fiscal year.
  • Through fiscal year 2014, the NW CSC has invested more than $5 million in research projects that focus on a broad range of topics, including understanding and predicting the effects of climate change on wetlands, pine beetle infestations, salmonids, sagebrush ecosystems, coastal habitats, peak streamflows, and changing fire regimes. A list of our projects can be found on the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center website here.
  • Development of a Regional Climate Science Inventory, which houses the climate research efforts of the CSC network, as well as our partner agencies and organizations in the Northwest. More information about the Inventory can be found here.


Page Last Updated: November 3, 2014