DOINews: The Northwest Climate Science Center Welcomes Two New Graduate Fellows

Last edited 4/26/2016

University of Washington graduate students Harry Podschwit and Erika Sutherland have become the two most recent fellows to receive Northwest Climate Science Center support for their graduate research!

Harry Podschwit works with statistics professor Peter Guttorp in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management to study mega fires. He is currently developing statistical tools to help predict when, where, and how frequently future megafires will occur in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, he will produce a software package to create custom wildfire probability maps to help inform management decisions.

Erika Sutherland works with Julian Olden in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. She researches how managers may limit the range expansion of introduced smallmouth bass in order to protect vital salmon habitat in a warming climate. As stream waters warm, the range of smallmouth is expanding, decreasing the habitat available to salmon. Targeted management activities may help reverse to this trend.

New NW CSC Fellows from UW (May 2014)

The NW CSC welcomes Harry and Erika and looks forward to working with them!