DOINews: Research Provides Essential Information that may Help Reduce Declines in Frog and Salamander Populations

Last edited 4/26/2016

cascades_frog2 375x281Predatory trout, introduced for fishing in many western ecosystems, combined with the already noticeable effects of climate change are causing a decline in some frog and salamander populations. New research provides important information for resource managers to take action to slow or reverse this decline (including possible fish removal programs).

Researchers for this project include Maureen Ryan of the University of Washington and Michael Adams of the U.S. Geological Survey. This research was funded in part by the Northwest Climate Science Center as part of the project Extended Monitoring and Modeling of Climate Change Effects on Pacific Northwest Wetlands.

Read more about the research findings, conclusions, and implications in today's USGS Top Story: Releasing the Climate Squeeze on Frogs and Salamanders of the American West

Image Credit: Robin Munshaw, Simon Fraser University,