DOINews: Northwest CSC Adopts Education and Training Strategy for 2013-2015

Last edited 4/26/2016

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) is pleased to announce the adoption of the NW CSC Education and Training Strategy for 2013-2015. The NW CSC provides education and training services to groom the next generation of climate scientists and practitioners and deliver science-based knowledge and educational opportunities to various audiences. The Strategy describes the NW CSC education and training goals and objectives, approaches for effectively educating target audiences, and the strategy implementation process and program evaluation. This Strategy is integrated with the NW CSC Communication Strategy and NW CSC Tribal Engagement Strategy in its goals of sharing NW CSC-funded research results with climate researchers, educators, resource managers, and policy makers, as well as advancing the understanding and practice of knowledge integration (e.g., incorporating traditional ecological knowledge in climate research) in NW CSC educational programs.

Download the NW CSC Education and Training Strategy for 2013-2015 (PDF, 552 KB)