Hadley bio picSarah is a PhD student at Oregon State University in the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society pursuing a major in Forest Science and a minor in Ecosystem Informatics. Her research focuses on understanding bird species distributions in mountainous environments, both in the Oregon Cascades (Andrews Forest) and the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Hubbard Brook). At both sites, she is investigating the relative roles of climate, vegetation, and species interactions in driving bird distributions. Most of Sarah's research investigates both within- and between-season dynamics of forest birds. Using the dataset of bird occurrences from Hubbard Brook (1999-2012), she is looking at long-term population trends and changes in distributions across the elevational gradient. With the 4-year dataset from the Andrews Forest (2009-2012), her research focuses on understanding the role of microclimate due to complex terrain as a mechanism for buffering against macroclimate warming.

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