To provide leadership, guidance, and support for climate-related activities through coordination and engagement with relevant stakeholders.


The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) delivers Executive Services by providing leadership and general oversight of the Center's operations. The NW CSC Director is responsible for strategic decision making, and promoting and maintaining engagement between regional natural and cultural resource managers and climate scientists. The purpose of this engagement is to identify the highest-priority science needs that help resource managers plan for climate change and to ensure that the products of research funded by the NW CSC are useful to resource managers. To read more about Executive Services at the NW CSC, please download the Executive Services section of the Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Northwest CSC Executive Services Accomplishments to-date:

  • The NW CSC was established in 2010 and its permanent director, Dr. Gustavo Bisbal, started in December 2011. Additional staff were hired in 2012 to coordinate regional climate research, communications, and tribal relations.
  • The NW CSC released its Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 in January 2012, and it prepares annual workplans and annual reports. The NW CSC administers requests for research proposals and subsequently funded projects.
  • The NW CSC hosts quarterly conference calls and annual meetings of the Executive Stakeholder Advisory Committee (ESAC). The NW CSC Leadership Team (LT) meets about every 6 weeks, either in-person or by conference call, and team members participate in meetings of the national network of eight Climate Science Centers and the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC).
  • As part of its science project selection criteria, the NW CSC ensures that project investigators and researchers bring together scientific and management communities by initiating consultation with resource managers and decision makers (the "end users" of the projects' outcomes) before the start of the project and through completion.


NW CSC Strategic Plan

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